May 16, 2020

Intellectual property protection: when to choose between patent, a copyright and trademark?

By Michael

Copyrights, patents and trademarks are under the purview of property regulation. They are alike because they provide protection towards works. But, trademark, patents and copyrights are three separate and property recognitions that are different. Every of them serve a different function. Below are characteristics of each kind of their use and security.


This protection falls under the 1976 Copyright Act that provides the owner of authorship functions the exclusivity make derivative works, distribute copies, to reproduce or display the work. But, copyright protects the form of expression but not the subject matter of this job. In details, this protection covers functions such as:

  • 2 or 3 dimensional works of art
  • Any Kind of images including but not limited to paintings, drawings, graphic designs, photos, etc.
  • music, Songs, Lyrics, audio recordings, and any musical composition
  • Films, plays, shows, and other artistic performances


There is a patent an Intellectual property protection for an invention or process or an existing product’s design. Under a patent, an inventor has the right to exclude other parties from using, making, offering for sale or selling their invention. There is a pattern valid for the duration of 20 years from the date of the patent application. An inventor is subject to payment of maintenance fees to extend the patent.

Trademarks and Service marks

Trademark covers Protection of word a title, logo, symbol or device used with goods in trade to differentiate the product. If the company is involved in the supply of service as opposed to trading of products, a service mark will be used by the company owner. This protection prevents other parties to use similar marks, but does not provide the protection to service or the goods. As an example, in manufacturing or providing identical or similar goods or services, if a different provider employs a trademark that is different, you cannot file a intellectual property protection singapore. Generally speaking, filing for trademark registration is significantly more expensive than copyright registration. The time is longer compared to the opportunity.

Occasionally, there are moments when you will need to use intellectual property protection that is combined. As an example, if you produce a video advertisement that comes with a catchy motto, you may want to protect the whole plot of the ad from the copyright, and protect the motto employing a trademark registration. Inventions that are patentable may be marketed using a trademark.