October 23, 2021

A Family That Changed The Future Of Pakistan

By Michael

Pakistan was never known to have left a mark in the field of Technology before this family came into existence and single-handedly changed the fate of an entire nation. Mr bashir dawood and his partner mariyam dawood have been working tirelessly to get everything in place related to home appliances. The family initially started the business of making home appliances from Pakistan and not depends entirely on other countries and gets the necessary appliances imported. The first started with refrigerators and then slowly moved to microwave ovens and kept growing into a huge business and eventually making Pakistan proud in the process. They have gained such heights that they were not able to make a good presence in the global market, due to which they decided to get this organization acquired by Turkish business named Arcelik which helped them make this go global and make an even better name in front of the world. After the acquisition was successfully completed, Dawlance started delivering products which were completely made in Pakistan to Turkey and neighbouring countries which has helped them grow even further and establish a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

bashir dawood

Philanthropic work from the family

Apart from being the industry which made Pakistan proud by making home appliances locally, they have also ventured into making the healthcare system better and upgrading all the existing facilities to revamp the already existing ones. The family has always wanted to do something which would not make them famous but would make the entire nation proud and the world to respect their nation. With such a noble vision, they have always invested for the society and made sure all the citizens are taken care of with the best of amenities. At some point in life, everyone who becomes famous needs to return the favour to the people to help them reach the heights of success.