April 5, 2021

Following Time You Travel Trip to Kanha national park

By Michael

Kanha national park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the highly popular forests in the world. The national park is well known for its Asiatic Lions and other members of cat family. The park is located in the Gujarat state of India. The Kanha national park was Launched in 1965 under the Project Tiger initiative. The park covers an area of over 1400 square kilometres. Since its inception many NGOs and private organizations have come forward to encourage and further expand the Lion breeding programmes. Recently a popular telecom company that is endorsed by Mahinder Singh Dhoni also have stood for this programme.

Gir forests are located at the Junagadh District of Gujarat. The state of Gujarat is well connected by an extensive network of rail, air and road. The closest airport is located at Keshod that is about 90 kilometres away from here or in Diu that is about 100 kilometres away from here. The airport serves the domestic flights only. After landing here you need to have a bus or you will find prepaid taxis which operate out of here. The state of Gujarat has a well-developed network of railways. The closest station is located at Veraval which about 45 kilometres away from the primary line of Ahmedabad. Roads can also a choice to reach Gir Forest. The Gir can be reached easily from Ahmedabad, Diu, Rajkot and other significant cities of Gujarat. This kanha national park is largely Dedicated to save and conserve lions, tigers and other members of cat family. Numerous initiatives were launched by sultans of Junagadh when just 20 lions were left in the woods. Their hard work and dedication paid off and now the park has over 200 lions and 400 tigers.

The vegetation of the park mainly Includes of dry and deciduous forest in addition to scrubs of Aracia. The forest offers gas worth over 500 crores annually. The ecosystem of Gir has over 450 species of plants, 350 varieties of bird, 35 species of mammals and about 20 varieties of reptiles. The playground has sizeable reserves of Leopard, Chital, Sambhar, Nilgai and Wild Boar. The rare species which may be found here include Python, Indian Star Tortoises, Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles, Porcupine and Hare. There is a plenty of avifauna Population that has over 300 species of birds. The majority of the birds come here during the migratory season so they can multiply.