May 17, 2021

HCMC to Re-Launch Vitamins and Supplements Online Store

By Michael

Healthier Choices Management Corp. is trying to taking many efforts to boost the revenue of the company. Over the last few months, the company had been facing various financial losses.

However, the management team is taking various measures to keep the company going. Recently, the company made the announcement to re-launch an online store to sell vitamins and supplements.

What is The Vitamin Store?

HCMC deals in healthy products. They provide healthy alternatives to people. They own various subsidiaries like Intellectual Property, Healthy Choice Markets and The Vape Store.

The launch of an online vitamin store is a part of Healthy Choice Markets. Before the launch of an online platform, the company have been selling things through Ada’s Natural Market.

It is an organic store where you will get all the organic products. This store is in Florida. In the online vitamin store, the company will sell different types of vitamins and supplements available in Ada’s Natural Market.

The Vitamin Store is an online website where HCMC used to sell products online. However, the store was closed due to some problems.

Stock Investment

But Now, HCMC has decided to re-launch the store. It is known as It was purchased by HCMC in an acquisition. When the company purchased 3 Paradise Health & Nutrition Store, it came along with it.

So, now the company had decided to launch it again and sell few selected brands of supplements and vitamins. You will get various Ada’s products on this site.

There is no need to travel all the way to the store. You can simply browse this site, choose the products and buy it. There are products from Ada’s Natural Market as well as Ada’s Naturals. Both the brands are available. The shipping for all domestic orders is free.

How It Will Affect the Company and Stock Price?

This move by the management is going to be in favour of the company. As most people cannot leave their house during a pandemic, this online vitamin store is going to be pretty convenient.

In times where HCMC is striving to boost net sales and revenue, it will help the company to achieve the goals. The company have enjoyed attention from shareholders as well as investors in the last few years.

The shareholder base has reached 306,000. With the support of the shareholders, the re-launch of the store will help the company to gain traction in the market.

This event is going to help the shareholders to work with the company in boosting the price of OTCMKTS HCMC at With the increased revenue, the price of the stock will definitely go up.

Currently, OTCMKTS HCMC price is not much, which is a good thing as new investors who are risk-averse are moving towards it.

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