The best way to Create these people to Hip hop vibes

Hip hop music beats use as a kind of black arts in my opinion. I spent the higher one half of the 1990’s collecting gear and book after book that allegedly was created to teach me how to lie down some pat beats. I spent upwards of 10K dollars in search of the secret combination of gear that could allow my creative juices to circulate. I had only assumed that if there’s something you don’t have the talent to accomplish… just throw more money at it until it clicks. Obviously there’s some faulty logic going in here, as I’d gotten pretty far in debt and yet couldn’t lay down a decent instrumental.

hip hop vibe

The following is several of the industry standard gear that I had accumulated. Don’t get me wrong, these power tools are a crucial part of several studios… however, these days a lot of them are completely redundant or unnecessary.

  • Sampler The centerpiece of creating all Hip hop music beats
  • Synthesizer a lot of the melodic lines came from these bad boys
  • Sequencer lets you compose your beats…often redundant as many samplers have one built in
  • Mixer I’m not speaking about a DJ mixer either..I’m referring to a sheet of gear that may enable the sampler, synch, and sequencer plug into, as well as the sound gets mixed in to a stereo source.
  • Multi-Track Recorder this is just what will record the Hip hop music beats.

They are the basics in the old style hip-hop music beats studio.

Funny thing is, nowadays this all gear is completely unneeded Hip Hop Vibe. Provided that you use a decent computer, you can lay down some pretty chunky sounding beats. Hip-hop music beats shouldn’t cost all of your life savings to create…how could you possibly enjoy cranking out some crunch while worrying that your particular latest purchase won’t put food inside your baby’s mouth? Though Common never is released and blames the south for hip-hops decline ( he mentions a variety of times) the subsequent lyric from Start the Show might be subjected to misinterpretation, You sing along with it, inside you knowing it’s wick, Young who? I don’t need to have a opening act. Common never backs down from the fight. He also mentions the lack of hip-hop spirit from the song The Overall Game.