Feng shui master singapore

Everything you should know and practical advice about feng shui

Describe Feng Shui.

How to live peacefully with our surroundings is demonstrated by feng shui. Humans are made up of nearly 60% water, and the wind is what we breathe, so the Chinese characters for “feng shui” are “wind” and “water.” Life depends on the elements of wind, water, and feng shui!

However, elements of it can be felt in every society and era. Today, for instance, we are all aware of how our environment affects our energy and how a quiet cabin in the woods differs from an apartment in New York City.

The Compass School, Ba-Gua, Black Hat System, Yen Home, Sam Hap Style, and Flying Stars System are just a few of the different feng shui schools. Today, it is utilized by both billionaires and commoners in both western and eastern countries. The Flying Stars System is the beating heart of true classical feng shui.

Basics of Feng Shui

The Taoist idea of chi, the life force that resides within every entity, is where the ancient Chinese practice gets its name. When the complementary and opposing forces of yin and yang combine, chi is created.

Yin is a symbol of feminine energy and is frequently related to the night, coolness, and stillness. The sun, sociability, and heat are symbols of the complementary yin energy, whereas yang is the masculine energy.

feng shui master singapore focuses on creating structures, placing furniture, and decorating objects in ways that promote the flow of positive chi while keeping the negative chi at bay to harmoniously balance these two energies.

How does having good chi benefit you? Positive chi, according to the ancient Chinese, aids in warding off illnesses, fostering harmonious interpersonal relationships, and ensuring good luck.

Feng shui elements

According to Feng Shui, the world is divided into five elements: metal denotes focus and order; water symbolizes emotion and inspiration, and wood stands for creativity and growth. Fire represents leadership and boldness. Working with these five facets can promote good chi and balance the energy’s natural flow.

Chinese Feng Shui masters created the Bagua map as a tool to help with energy balancing.

A Bagua map represents the various aspects or stations of a person’s life, such as their health, career, personal life, and other areas, and then connects these aspects to various locations within their residence.

Tips you can use to practice Feng Shui in your home and workplace

  • Avoid all types of chaos and clutter. Always keep in mind that a tidy home is a happy home. Whether it’s your kitchen, wardrobe, or bookshelf, organize everything well to make sure your home is always filled with positive energy. Because energy enters your home through the entrance and main door, that area needs to be clutter-free.
  • Include some greenery in your decor. This will include the wood element, which represents innovation and expansion. You can also use a lucky frog or cat figurine, which are both thought to bring luck and wealth.
  • Clear your home of broken items and dead plants.
  • Utilize hues that correspond to the five Feng Shui elements. You can use colors such as earthy tones, grey, white, blue, and red.
  • Make sure your stove, desk, and bed are facing the front door and in a commanding position.
  • Make sure there is space on either side of your bed and pick a calm color for your bedroom. Make sure the nightstands you choose are all the same height. Spend some time each morning making your bed as well.
  • Remove anything else from your home that gets in the way or makes moving around more difficult. It’s time to move the chair if you frequently run into it in the same spot.
  • To create a warm, bright atmosphere in your home, clean your windows to let in as much sunlight as possible. Flow the energy.

The majority of the time, issues like bad Feng Shui and Bad Vaastu of the location are to blame for issues like blocked finances, business losses, jobless situations, difficulties getting married, accidents, disputes and arguments at home or the workplace, educational challenges, and health issues. Defects in Vastu and Feng Shui must be corrected for the best results.