June 19, 2021

All About Wood Burning and Gas Fire Pits

By Michael

Throughout the summer months there is no better way to enjoy the evening hours than around a fire pit. Not everyone has experienced the comfy, relaxing, relaxing atmosphere of an outdoor fire. You can locate them in most styles, designs and price ranges in your local home and garden shop. However, you do not need to purchase one to enjoy the allure of an outdoor fire. It is simple enough to make yourself right in your garden. There are two fundamental types to choose from – gas fire pits and wood burning fire pits. The easiest to make is a wood burning fire pit because in its simplest form all you have got to do is dig a pit. You may even construct a wood burning fire pit with brick, stone or tiled cubes.

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The only limit is your creativity just ensure that your structure is strong and gives ample separation distance between you and your fire. Very importantly you want to make sure you do not dig through your electric, gas or sewer lines. You may telephone your utilities and have them marked so that you do not cause a minor disaster. Also check with the local fire department to make sure your fire pit will satisfy all their regulations. A fire pit reviews are often decorative in design and of course are designed to hold up to the outside elements. Lots of different designs are available. Some may even be used for cooking if you get all the accessories. They are built with several materials including brick, stone, iron or concrete and include decorative logs. The logs are not real of course. The flames are created by burning natural gas or propane. All gas fire pits utilize the exact same basic design to function.

You have got a home that holds the gas line input from your gas supply. On top of this home is your heat resistant bowl. One or more gas burners stick throughout the bowl. Then you have your fake logs that cover the burners and fill up the base of the bowl. Based on the design or design you can also add stone, gravel or other decorative stones at the bottom of the bowl but you need to be careful not to block the ends of the burners. They usually have an igniter or change to help light the burners and get your fire started. Though the gas supply system has some safeguards built from the gas fire pit could be harmful. Not because it is gas but since it creates a fire. Both gas and wood burning fire pits add a little class to any outdoor area, just make sure you respect them throughout their use and you will have many years of pleasure. Brian Cain enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, boating and gardening. He spends a whole lot of time with his family around an outdoor fire to cook, relax and revel in the fire.